She Runs The Night is neither a charity nor a non-profit organisation, She Runs The Night is a for profit event management company, our number one goal is to deliver hight quality events.

Yes, we do. SHE RUNS THE NIGHT is interested in working with local organizations in cities all over the UK.  Our number one goal, as it relates to local charities, is to increase cause awareness. We want to help you be a light for important issues all across the UK.

We encourage our glamour runners to spend time on the website of our partner charities, spending time getting to know what they offer and also attend other events hosted by the charity and become an advocate for their causes.  We love to give our charity partners a microphone to speak to thousands of good hearted people who can help in their cause.  One way we help charities directly is by giving 7.5% of our shop sales, every time someone buys a product from our partners shop we donate 7.5% of ever sale to our nominated charity.

How can I donate money to charity?

Here are a few ways She Runs The Night helps raise funds for our charity partners:

1) Post Race Donation. This is where we make a financial donation to our charity partner. This set amount is determined in communication with the charity and depends on the level of involvement/volunteers provided by the charity.

2) Embedded Giving. We provide our runners the opportunity to add a donation that goes directly to the charity during the registration process. Our charities are constantly overwhelmed by the kindness of our Glow Runners.

3) Charity Registrations. In some cities, we provide the partner charity a limited number of charity registrations. The charity sells these registrations through their own website and keeps 100% of the listed price of the registration.

Becoming an affiliate charity partner is quite simple, all you have to do is share our event with you supporters, encourage your community to take part in this great event and help raise funds for your cause.  As an affiliate you will receive 2 free tickets to the event of your choice, we also invite you to attend the event and pitch a stand for free, here you have the chance to promote your cause to a large audience.

Charity affiliation is not exclusive to any one charity and is not an offer to become a nominated charity on She Runs The Night

Become an affiliate in

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  2. -Birmingham

  3. -Sheffield

  4. -Leeds